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“Discover the Secret Behind One of the Most Potently Effective Ways to Save 50% On Your Next Car!”

Buy cars at auto auction!

Would you like to learn about it?

Copart Auto Auction is one of the best auto auction in the USA where you can save up to 50% on your next car!

Even though registering at auto auction and bidding takes little preparation to none, selecting the right cars and paying the right price is not an easy task!

Unfortunately, many people do not understand how auction operates and make many costly mistakes! Do not follow this pass. Ok?

Learn from the experience - eliminate your mistakes and save money on your next car!

Hi, my name is Andrei Ivanov, and I've been buying cars at Copart since 2002.

I made lots of mistakes:

  • I've lost money on many cars in the beginning, close to ten thousand dollars;
  • I’ve purchased non-registerable cars which were intended for parts-only;
  • I’ve bought well designed SCAMs, good looking car on pictures, but biggest money pit in reality;
  • I’ve overpaid thousands of dollars for cars that were worth much less.

You do not want to follow my initial steps. Hahaha! Right?

The good part is the SKILL needed to eliminate these mistakes is PRETTY EASY.

If I only knew it sooner...dang it.

You do not need to be certified auto mechanic to find great deals!

You need to know what cars to search, how to research them online and what price to pay!


My personal life and business changed a lot when I met my mentor Kevin who shared tips and tricks that I am about to share with you here.

He showed me exactly what cars NOT TO buy, how much to pay for cars and how to research them!

Got it? That's it!

That was in 2006! Nowadays, lyou have more tools at hand to make your life less stressful!

What were I able to do with the knowledge Kevin shared?

  • I started my auto business - CARS WEST GLOBAL - in 2007
  • I've helped close to 15,000 people buy cars from USA (many purchased more than one)
  • I had multi-million dollar business in just 2 years
  • I travelled the world with my family
  • I have financial and geographical freedom!

Where could it take you?Think about it. Ok?

Just imagine what can you do if you start saving 50% on your next car:

  • You could drive a car you thought you could not afford
  • You can take family on vacation
  • You can replace furnace to keep your family warm during winter time
  • Or you can build schools, like my friend Stan in country of TOGO!

Does it sound good to you?

I am not saying you will never make any mistake at auction, but it will dramatically decrease the pool of possible errors!

I shared everything I learn at Copart Auto Auction for the last 10 years in my new course:

Car Buying Mastery - Copart Edition!

I will teach you all the tips and trick. Nothing holding back.

It is definitely worth at least 20X of amount that you are going to pay!

I've designed this course in easy to follow 5 modules!

Over 5 hours of VIDEO!

Let’s me cover what we’ll learn in this course. May I?

Module 1: 3D Search Formula

In this module I will show you the proven method (10+ years and counting) to search the best cars at Copart.

You will learn the best Damage types to buy even if you know nothing about car fixing.

You will learn which Documents to avoid if you are planning on registering the car in the USA! This lesson alone could save some of you thousands of dollars! Learn the hard way and end up like Alex, who purchased $50,000 car without possibility to register it in the USA!Yaikes! Would it be helpful for you to know before bidding?

You also learn how to read auction car Description like a PRO buyer! Auction houses can be tricky, not till you learn from experts!

3D Search formula will cover Damages, Documents, Description.

Highlights of the module:

  • My Top 5 picks of damage types...PLUS which cars to buy if you are not a mechanic.
  • My 'naked eye' approach to finding the best sellers at Copart.
  • The quickest way to verify whether you can snatch the car at the cheapest price!

Module 2: PPPro Research

This is by FAR the most important module of all! We'll learn how and what to look in the PAST history of the car, including the FREE tool I use daily! It is so good, you will use it daily! The best part?! It is freaking FREE! Yes, you heard me RIGHT! It is FREE!!!

You will learn how to look and find PROBLEMS in the car, so you know exactly what you are buying! As one of my paraphrased favorite quote from Sun Tzu «The Art of War» goes: «If you know the enemy, you will end up winning all battles». PROBLEMS are our enemy. We’ll find them and conquer them! Right?

At the same time it is super important to learn ways to PROTECT yourself and your money in case you've been SCAMMED by seller at auction! I will show little known secret of how to do just that! You’ll get peace of mind!

Highlights of the module:

  • How to research cars before placing bids to maximize savings.
  • The surprisingly inexpensive way to get vehicle history reports from the US government.
  • How to get your MONEY BACK when the purchased car does not match the listing’s description.
  • How to read auction lot description as a PRO to eliminate buying mistakes that could cost thousands of dollars...
  • My 'secret' RESEARCH-CARS-FOR-FREE tool that I use daily to identify SCAM cars instantly.
  • Learn why Michael from Germany saved money by not bidding on 2016 Audi S3 with no visual damages.

Module 3: Price Sniper

NEVER OVERPAY at auction!

This is the biggest issue out there! I see it daily! Most of the buyers not sure how much to bid on cars, and when they get into live bidding they loose control and mind and end up overpaying! Auction wins, Buyer loses :( Sucks?!

This module is designed to give you all the tools you need to calculate the RIGHT PRICE for the car, so you NEVER OVERPAY and end up with the best deal!

You will learn about how to find the ACTUAL price of the car, how to APPROXIMATE your bid, find out how much the AUCTION fees are, and understand when it is needed to buy through AGENT, so you can save even more money!

Highlights of the module:

  • My method to calculate the RIGHT BID to win cars that is correct for 80% of all cars at Copart
  • How Craig saved $3,000 by buying car through Copart broker.
  • Learn how Frisco purchased 2005 Dodge Magnum retail price of $4,250 for $525?

Module 4: Win 2 Bid

In this module I am going to share everything I know about bidding on cars at auction, and all the strategies I use to win cars at the best prices. Live auction can be intimidating at first, but when you see how I bid live and share my insights with you, you’ll have no fears to bid on your own!

You will learn bidding strategy that will outbid «low bid» competitors right away and potentially get you the car at the BEST price!

Highlights of the module:

  • How to Register for FREE at Copart
  • My hands-down-best bidding strategy "On Approval» won cars that gets me cars thousands less than seller originally asks for.
  • See how many times it took me to win 2016 Honda Accord.

Module 5: EZ Move

Ship your car like a FREIGHT BROKER! You'll learn everything I know about shipping cars!

You can actually start your freight broker business right after finishing this module. Would it be cool? It is actually great business with awesome potential!

I know few tricks under my sleeve for sure! We will explore the best websites to RATE your upcoming shipment. I will teach you how to find what carriers get paid, so you can negotiate on broker’s price. If you are a car dealer or exporter - I will introduce you to the online portal where 100% of all dealers in USA post and move their cars!

I will show you how to RESERVE the right carrier for your job: how to search for carriers, how to book your next shipping, how to check whether you can trust them and what information you should NEVER RELEASE them unless you are in contract with them! I will also cover my «pick up checklist» if you’ve ever decide to pick up the car yourself!

We’ll also cover what to do when you RECEIVE the car. You will learn my «delivery checklist» and what to do if your car has extra damage. It could be stressful time to get money from the carrier and we’ll turn it into stress free time! Yay!

Highlights of the module:

  • The SECRET website to find the best deals on shipping cars.
  • What to check when picking up cars at Copart on your own.
  • Learn from my 10+ years experience of shipping cars.

Lots of knowledge and experience for such low price! Don't you agree? Yes?

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

I know there are some websites out there that offer you to buy their ebook that reveals 'the secret', so you can save 50% on brand new car, but in reality all they sell is the information on how to buy a car off somebody's lease!

Shit...did I just tell you that secret for FREE?!

Hahaha...Yes, because there is no secret at all!

My course is designed for REAL buyers! REAL people, just like you!

Who want to SAVE money on their cars or make PROFIT reselling them!

I want you to learn the information I share, so you won't make costly mistakes at Copart ever again.

If you will be successful at buying cars at Copart, hopefully in future you can do business with, and I would help you buy even more cars.

But you need to act fast!

I won't be sharing these secrets for this price much longer!


So hurry up and get it now.

Here Is My "You've Gotta Be Crazy» Guarantee

I 100% guarantee that you'll love this course and learn absolutely awesome information, or I'll return your money and let you keep the course anyway.

That's right. You don't even have to return anything back. Just email me and I'll give you back your money with no question asked.

Sound fair?

This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Get Access to My Secrets Now Before Price Goes UP...

Thanks for taking the time to read this message and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Andrei "Your Copart Buying Buddy» Ivanov


Андрей Иванов

15 лет назад Андрей приобрел свой первый автомобиль на аукционе Копарт - 1991 Acura Integra! Он сэкономил на этом авто более 50% от его стоимости, что для студента было очень солидной суммой! С тех пор автомобили стали его хобби. С 2007 года Андрей приобрел и экспортировал более 15000 автомобилей в 67 стран мира.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    0. Car Buying at Copart in the Nutshell

    • Webinar <== please start here

  • 2

    1. 3D Search Formula

    • Documents

    • Damages

    • Description

  • 3

    2. PPPro Research

    • Past

    • Problems

    • Protection

  • 4

    3. Price Sniper

    • Actual Price

    • Approximate Bid

    • Auction Fees

    • Agent Fees

  • 5

    4. Bid 2 Win

    • Become member

    • Bid

    • Buy

  • 6

    5. EZ Move

    • Rate

    • Reserve

    • Receive